Prime Medical Clinic
Prime Medical Clinic is closing. The last day of service is July 11th. Below is a list of providers that are available to you to choose as your new health care provider.

There are two ways in which to retrieve your medical records:

After July 14th you can stop by Senza Pelo (5702 N. 19th Avenue, Phx, AZ 85015) and sign out your records,


You can have your new doctor request the records by having them call Senza Pelo at 602.246.1966


Trangsgender Specialists:
Carol Williams, NP -- 602.344.6550
Dr. Decker Weiss -- 480.515.3600
(Dr. Weiss will be available
after August 1st)

HIV & LGBT Primary Care Providers/Clinics:
Kate Montgomery, NP -- 602.955.8700
Affiliated Internists -- 480.941.5266
Spectrum Medical Group -- 602.604.9500

Infectious Disease Doctor:
Dr. Laura Schroeder -- 602.368.7296

LGBT Therapists/Psych:
Mary Brasch -- 602.494.1515
Sandra Nettles -- 602.750.8051
Dr. Michael Peck -- 602.570.2373

Your medical records are available from:
Senza Pelo -- 602.246.1966
5702 N. 19th Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85015