Prime Medical Clinic
Prime Medical Clinic is closed.

Please refer to the following to retrieve records:

For Patients:
Please fax a notarized letter requesting your records that includes your legal name, date of birth, and shipping address or fax number to 1.970.565.0238.

For Providers and other health care facilities:

Please fax a signed records release to 1.970.565.0238.

All records will be sent within a reasonable time frame. If you haven't received records, please don't hesitate to follow up with an email to There is no charge to patients or providers for these records. Thank you.


Trangsgender Specialists:
Carol Williams, NP -- 602.344.6550
Dr. Decker Weiss -- 480.515.3600

HIV & LGBT Primary Care Providers/Clinics:
Kate Montgomery, NP -- 602.955.8700
Affiliated Internists -- 480.941.5266
Spectrum Medical Group -- 602.604.9500

Infectious Disease Doctor:
Dr. Laura Schroeder -- 602.368.7296

LGBT Therapists/Psych:
Mary Brasch -- 602.494.1515
Sandra Nettles -- 602.750.8051
Dr. Michael Peck -- 602.570.2373